Dr Mark Whittow

Dr Mark Whittow
College Lecturer in History
MA, D.Phil., F.R.Hist.S., F.S.A.

University Lecturer in Byzantine Studies and a Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Dr Whittow is a medieval historian and archaeologist, specialising in the Mediterranean and Byzantine worlds, AD 500-1300, with particular emphasis on landscape and settlement patterns, and the social and political forces that shaped them. 

Research interests

Recent publications range in topic from Romans and Arabs before the rise of Islam, via bad mothers in Byzantium and China, to the relative significance of local, regional and long-distance trade in the medieval economy. Dr Whittow's next book will be The Feudal Revolution (looking at the transformation of Europe and the Near East between 950-1250 though the evidence of material culture and landscape change as well as texts), followed by the Oxford History of Medieval Europe, vol. 5: The Eleventh Century and a book, now in planning stage, that puts the history of Late Antique and Early Medieval Western Eurasia in a Global context.

He is also part of the Oxford / Kings College, London team that directs the Prosopography of the Byzantine World. Current field work in Turkey is focused on Miletus in the Byzantine period, and future plans include survey work in Cappadocia.