2015 Winning Poem

In 2015, the winner of the Eugene Lee-Hamilton Poetry Competition was Oriel College undergraduate Dominic Hand.

On First Looking at Newman's Window

His axioms screened within the oriel’s frame

Reflects the truth in fourteen leaded lights: 

A mother with her child barely alights

On books that blister open to proclaim

Enlightenment. Confined between the claim

Of garish kingship and the stagnant slights

Of commentary, the man beneath her sights

A love serene that does not breathe its name.  

The stony space between them holds the dream:

‘How mind speaks not to mind unless it knows

How pure as naked heaven the inner beam

Disperses its own shade and heartened grows

Beyond reflection towards the guiding gleam

Of different crowns that her sole realm bestows.

by Dominic Hand