Library and Archives

Oriel has two library buildings - the Junior Library, located in third quad, and the stunning Senior Library, located in second quad. The Junior Library (also known as the Pantin Library) is open to College members 24/7 during term time and holds a large collection of core texts for the subjects taught in College. The Senior Library can also be used by College members for silent study from 9-5 on weekdays. The modern collections of the library are aimed towards the undergraduate and postgraduate members of the college. They are not normally available to members of other colleges. However, the historic collections of the library are available, by appointment only, to bona fide scholars from all over the world. 

Oriel’s Archives are home to a whole range of documentation charting the College’s long history, and holdings range from 1150 to the present day, including records of St Mary Hall, estate records and student records.