Oriel Talks: Exploration

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21 November, 2017
Harris Lecture Theatre
All Welcome

The second Oriel Talks of Michaelmas Term will take place on Tuesday 21 November, and will discuss the theme of 'Exploration'.

Throughout the academy, researchers are concerned with a variety of explorations. Some go out into the field, conducting research through careful analysis and exploration of a site, location, or people. Others, instead, find themselves in the laboratory running experiments in an attempt to explore possible effects. Others still may find themselves conducting their explorations in the armchair, in a careful examination of concepts, arguments, and theory. The next Oriel Talks session shall concern such explorations.

The evening will begin with a talk from Dr Emma Cernis (MCR) which will explore schizophrenia and psychosis, busting various myths about them and explaining the cutting-edge research happening here at Oxford. We then look to the past, with a talk from Ryan Blank (MCR) which, through an exploration of the writings and sermons of various figures, will seek to shed some light on the notion of masculinity as understood by the Tractarians and members of the Oxford Movement (all very close to home here at Oriel). Finally, the keynote speaker will be Mathematics Fellow Dr Patrick Farrell (SCR), who will talk about the physical exploration and glaciological fieldwork he has conducted in the Antarctic, and of his research on the Larsen ice shelf.

The full schedule is as follows:

5.30 pm — Welcome and Introduction

5.35 pm — Dr Emma Cernis (MCR): Schizophrenia & Psychosis

5.55 pm — Ryan Blank (MCR): The Gentlemen Saint: developing Tractarian manhood at Winchester

6.15 pm — Keynote: Dr Patrick Farrell (SCR): Glaciological Fieldwork on the Larsen ice shelf, Antarctica

7.00 pm — Close

7.15 pm — Dinner in Hall

8.30 pm — 2nd Desserts in the MCR

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