Teachers' Conference

  • Teachers' Conference
3 March, 2017
10.30am - 3.30pm
Oriel College

Oriel's annual teachers' conference helps attendees become more familiar with Oxford's admissions process.

The programme includes information about admissions tests, the chance to see two mock interviews, lunch and a college tour. Teachers also have the time to informally meet students, tutors and staff at Oriel College over tea and cake. The conference is free of charge to all attendees.

Priority is given to teachers from state, non-selective schools, especially in Oriel's linked local authorities of Dudley, Kensington and Chelsea, Richmond upon Thames, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Worcestershire.

This year's conference is on 3rd March 2017, beginning at 10.30am and ending at 3.30pm. Please use this booking form to apply. Please apply by 17th February to guarantee your place.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Emma at outreach@oriel.ox.ac.uk. Further, should you require overnight accomdation on 2nd March a small number of bedrooms are available at minimal cost. Please let Emma know as soon as possible.

This year's conference will include:

  • Oxford Admissions overview: An Introduction to Oxford Undergraduate Admissions
  • The Application (for those new to Oxford Admissions): Personal Statements, Teachers' References and Admissions Tests
  • Tutor and Teacher Admissions roundtable: For those experienced in Oxford Admissions
  • Lunch with Oriel Students: Provided free of charge in Oriel's Dining Hall
  • College Tour: Including the opportunity to see a student room
  • Student Q&A Panel: Students answer questions on topics ranging from the application process to student life at Oriel
  • Mock Interviews: The chance to see two - one in sciences and one in humanities
  • Tutor Roundtable: Representatives from the range of subjects that we teach at Oriel
Event contact
Emma Bausch
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