Thomas Harriot Lecture: Both to Love and Fear Us - How to Found an Empire in Harriot's Day

23 May, 2019
Oriel College, Champneys Room
All Welcome

The college’s annual Thomas Harriot Lecture was inaugurated in 1990, and this year's speaker is Professor Felipe Fernández-Armesto, William P Reynolds Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame.

The title of Professor Fernández-Armesto's lecture is: Both to Love and Fear Us - How to Found an Empire in Harriot's Day.

Background on the lecture can be found below:

Harriot's reference to love and fear captures the paradox of pre-industrial empires. They were hard to found and manage because rulers lacked the resources to communicate and enforce their commands. Resisters had to be cowed, and quislings and collaborators cultivated. How did durable or viable empires - exemplified by the Spanish monarchy in much of the New World - cope and why did emulators and even imitators often fail? The lecturer will attempt to challenge received wisdom in adumbrating approaches to the problem.

The lecture is free to attend and attendees do not need to RSVP.

Find out more about the Thomas Harriot Lecture here.

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Mrs Rebecca Bricklebank