Applications Open for Student Callers for 2017 Telephone Campaign

  • Telephone Campaign
24 January, 2017

Applications are now open for student callers to join the team for the Oriel Telephone Campaign, which will take place in March. It's an opportunity to connect with other Orielenses, and to earn some extra cash!

Oriel's Development Office is looking for 13 enthusiastic and motivated students (JCR or MCR) to join the calling team for the annual Telephone Campaign, which will take place in March 2017.

This is an opportunity for current students to play a role in supporting Oriel’s fundraising efforts and to enhance their employability by developing new skills. During the campaign, student callers will talk to Orielenses around the world about a whole range of topics, from their time at Oriel to what the College is up to now, and will have an opportunity to talk to Oriel alumni about their careers or the paths they have taken since they left College.

Training is provided, and students will be paid £8.45 per hour, with free meals and accommodation in College for the duration of the campaign. To apply and for a full job description visit:

Applications close on February 7th. If you have any questions then please contact Harvey ( in the Development Office.


What's it like to be a student caller?

For a flavour of what you can expect as a student caller, here's an interview with MCR student Hannah Kim, who took part in the 2014 campaign.

Why did you decide to take part in the telephone campaign?

I genuinely enjoy talking to people and thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about Oriel.

What did you enjoy most about taking part in the telephone campaign?

Hearing about their Oriel experiences, as many of them were different from mine; for example, what it was like when women were first accepted. I also very much enjoyed working with the telethon team. Working towards a common goal together and sharing our efforts and success was very rewarding.

What have you learned from taking part? Have you gained any new skills?

I think I learned how to be a better listener and to explore connections with alumni who at first glance seemed very different from me.

What was the most challenging thing about taking part?

Remembering that after all, I am just calling to talk to a person and not just any random person but someone with whom I share a common history. I don't know why I was so nervous!

What was the funniest/most interesting story that an alumnus told you?

An alumnus told me about his 'joggling' hobby - running a marathon while juggling! It took a lot of self-control not to giggle when I first heard that!