Booking Open for Oriel Talks: Discovery

  • Oriel Talks: Discovery
15 February, 2018

Booking is now open for the second Oriel Talks of Hilary Term on Tuesday 20th February, which will be on the theme of 'Discovery'.

The event is open to all members of Oriel across the Junior, Middle, and Senior Common Rooms, and members of all common rooms are encouraged to join the hosts for what promises to be a wonderful evening!

The evening will begin with a talk from DPhil Materials candidate and Oriel MCR President Alexander Pateman. His talk will concern that object most ubiquitous in modern life: the battery. In particular, he will take us on a guided tour of the history of the battery, before considering where discoveries in battery research look to be taking us in the future. The second talk of the evening will be on another important and topical area of scientific discovery; the influenza virus. This talk will be delivered by DPhil in Indisciplinary Bioscience candidate and Oriel MCR Vice-President Holly Sadler. In light of all that continues to be discovered about this virus, and how to tackle it, Holly's talk will endeavour to bust various myths and misunderstandings of the influenza virus.

The Keynote speaker will be Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health Senior Fellow in Image Analysis Prof. Peter Hammond (SCR). Prof. Hammond's talk will concern recent discoveries and advancements in the computational analysis of 3D images of the face in particular medical contexts, and why the 3D selfie taken with a smartphone is about to revolutionise facial analysis. 

The full schedule is as follows:

5.30 pm - Welcome and Introduction

5.35 pm - Alexander Pateman (MCR): Charged with Battery: Life in the Cell

5.55 pm - Holly Sadler (MCR): Aussie Flu and Other Myths

6.15 pm - Keynote: Prof. Peter Hammond (SCR): The Face: a Window into the Brain

7.00 pm - Close

7.15 pm - High Table-style Dinner in Hall (wine included)

8.30 pm - 2nd Desserts in the MCR

How to Book

To book your tickets to the event, please complete the booking form via this link.

***Please note: the deadline for dining tickets is Sunday 18th February - there is no deadline on requesting other all other tickets***