Dr Teresa Bejan Announced as Early Career Prize Winner by Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought

  • Dr Teresa Bejan
8 September, 2020

Associate Professor of Political Theory and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Dr Teresa Bejan, has been announced as an Early-Career Prize winner by the Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought (APT).

Established in 2008, the APT exists to represent and promote the study of all political thought found across academic disciplines, encompassing work in political science, philosophy, history, law, sociology, economics, cultural and literary studies. The APT prizes recognise scholars employed in Britain and Ireland who have made the greatest overall contribution to research and teaching in Political Thought at their respective career stages.

Dr Bejan was described by the APT as "a lively and energising presence in the discipline and a fantastic advertisement for the serious study of political ideas. In her first book, Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration (Harvard University Press, 2017), she explored theoretical notions of civility and toleration through historical analysis. She regularly speaks to a wider public, whether through her TED Talk, viewed over 1.5 million times, on whether civility is a sham, or her op-ed in the New York Times on ‘What Quakers can teach us about the politics of pronouns’."

Of her award, Dr Bejan said “I am hugely honoured to receive this award from the Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought. I arrived in the UK from North America five years ago, and it has been my academic and intellectual home since. To receive this recognition from colleagues here, whose work I deeply admire, means a great deal to me. I am grateful for their support.”

Dr Bejan's research brings perspectives from early modern English and American political thought to bear on questions in contemporary political theory and practice. Dr Bejan's research is very topical, and in recent years she has published a TED talk, entitled "Is Civility a Sham?", and an opinion piece in the New York Times, “What Quakers Can Teach Us About the Politics of Pronouns”. This academic year, Dr Bejan has been appointed to the Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Constitutional and Political Theory at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.