Dr Christopher Conlon

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Fellow and Tutor in Clinical Medicine

I am Fellow and Tutor in Clinical Medicine at Oriel. I am also a Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Medicine at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals and Clinical Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit.

Associated courses
Research interests

My special interests are in HIV infection, tropical and travel medicine and in the use of intravenous antibiotics outside of hospital. My main research interests are in HIV.

Selected publications

Assessment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission in Oxfordshire, UK, 2007-12, with whole pathogen genome sequences: An observational study,  Walker, T.M., Lalor, M.K., Broda, A., Ortega, L.S., Morgan, M., Parker, L., Churchill, S., Bennett, K., Golubchik, T., Giess, A.P., Del Ojo Elias, C., Jeffery, K.J., Bowler, I.C.J.W., Laurenson, I.F., Barrett, A., Drobniewski, F., McCarthy, N.D., Anderson, L.F., Abubakar, I., Thomas, H.L., Monk, P., Smith, E.G., Walker, A.S., Crook, D.W., Peto, T.E.A., Conlon, C.P.,The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 2:4, 2014, pages 285-292

Associations between selected immune-mediated diseases and tuberculosis: Record-linkage studies, Ramagopalan, S.V., Goldacre, R., Skingsley, A., Conlon, C., Goldacre, M.J., BMC Medicine, 11:1, 2013, Article number 97.

HIV-associated late seminal vesicle 'BCGosis' following intravesical bacille Calmette-Guérin therapy,  Authors of DocumentEyre, D.W., Mankia, K.S., Sutherland, R.K., Turner, G.D., Conlon, C.,  Journal of Clinical Urology, 6:1, 2013, pp. 20-21.