Oriel's Edible Exhibition 2016

  • Meringue model of Oriel College
  • Oriel's edible exhibition
  • Oriel's edible exhibition
3 February, 2016

On 18th January, Marjory Szurko (Oriel’s Librarian), hosted the seventh Edible Exhibition held in the College – a biennial tradition starting in December 2002, and featuring original recipes for sweet dishes through the centuries.

The sugar-rich food of the nineteenth century was on the menu at this year’s event, with such delicacies as Eliza Acton’s Gingerbread; Isabella Beeton’s Pink Meringues; John Mollard’s Bath Cakes andLemon Mirangles, and the gooey and deliciously light Chocolate Cake from the kitchen of Mrs Rorer of Philadelphia, writing her recipes in 1886.

The special signature cake made for this year’s celebration was entitled ‘Meringue Oriel’ and was a miniature representation of Oriel’s front quad in meringue and royal icing. This creation was inspired by nineteenth-century chef Alexis Soyer, who left instructions for a meringue pagoda – Meringue Pagodatique à la Chinoise – in his recipe book entitled The Gastronomic Regenerator, published in 1846. Meringue Orieltook several days to build, as the meringue building blocks used to make up the design had to be left in the oven overnight to dry out properly, and then the royal icing had to be applied carefully in order to avoid breaking the delicate confection.

A good time was had by all at the Edible Exhibition, and Meringue Oriel was later cut up and distributed with cream to various departments of the College where it was accepted with great pleasure.