Oriel Talks: From First Principles

Oriel Talks: From First Principles
28 February, 2017
Harris Lecture Theatre
College members

The second 'Oriel Talks' of Hilary Term, on the theme of "From First Principles" will take place in the Harris Lecture Theatre on Tuesday 28th February from 5.30pm. 

The first 'Oriel Talks' of 2017 explored different notions of resilience, and how we can strengthen ourselves and our societies in the face of great challenges. Times like these cause us to reflect on our strongly held positions and it is vital to have a framework at hand with which to approach and understand new opinions, situations and patterns.

With the second edition of Oriel Talks of 2017, we will explore and analyse various phenomena, drawing from first principles. From understanding how tigers got their stripes and exploring the sinister world of infanticide to questioning judges’ analytical frameworks, the upcoming Oriel Talks on "From First Principles" will probe questions on how we should form, question and adjust our well-established beliefs.

The schedule for the evening is:

5.30 pm — Welcome and Introduction

5.35 pm — August Ludwigs (MCR): Fearless Thinkers and Evil Thoughts

5.55 pm — Matthew Noble (MCR): The Mathematics of Pattern Formation: How the Tiger Got It's Stripes

6.15 pm — Keynote: Paul Yowell (SCR): Constitutional Law and Facts: What do Judges Know?

7.00 pm — Close

7.15 pm — Dinner in Hall

8.30 pm — 2nd Desserts in the MCR

All members of College are welcome to attend, and can book either a dining or non-dining ticket for the event, which is free to attend (dining tickets are charged at the usual price for dinner in Hall).

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