Emeritus Fellow David Charles Receives Honorary Degree

  • Professor David Charles
17 November, 2016

Congratulations to Emeritus Fellow in Philosophy David Charles, who has been awarded an Honorary Degree by the National Technical University of Athens.

David was a Philosophy Fellow at Oriel from 1978 until his retirement from Oxford to take up his current position at Yale in 2014. During his time here, he was a much-admired tutor who inspired many generations of Oriel philosophers.

David received his Honorary Degree at a ceremony at the National Technical University of Athens on 3rd November and had this to say about the honour:

"I am particularly honoured to be given a degree at this University which - as some may recall- was the scene of a heroic protest (in the form of a large demonstration) against the military 'junta' in Greece in November 1973. The protest was ended by tanks and several of the protesters lost their lives. During the several days of the protest, the protesters repeatedly broadcast the words of the Greek poet Dionysos Solomos (from the Greek struggle for Independence):

Polytechneion here! 
People of Greece, the Polytechneion is the flag bearer of our struggle and your struggle, our common struggle against the dictatorship and for democracy".