Music Lecturer Hugh Collins Rice's 'Hildegard Sequences' Win Praise

  • Hildegard Sequences
28 November, 2016

Composer and College Lecturer in Music, Hugh Collins Rice, has received warm praise for a new CD, including his sequence of modern compositions for medieval instruments.

Hugh Collins Rice collaborated with medieval ensemble Mediva on his latest compositional project, Sequences, to interweave his original music, Sequentiae Hildegardensis, with the music of 12th-Century German abbess, writer, composer and visionary Hildegard von Bingen.

Hugh's compositions were a response to Hildegard's work, and are specifically written for medieval instruments. This is challenging in itself for a modern composer, as medieval instruments have very limited pitch ranges and almost no dynamic variation. The compositions were written intermittently over the past 12 years as part of a collaborative project with Mediva, and each of the musicians also provided improvisations around one of Hildegard's songs.

In Sequences, released through Odradek Records this summer, Hugh's new compositions aim to provide a structural response to Hildegard's music, life and work. It has recently received a favourable review in Gramophone magazine, in which the reviewer stated: "It's a mark of the disc's success that you don't always know whether it's Collins Rice you're listening to or Hildegard; each sounds as contemporary as the other".

Watch Hugh talk about his latest work, and find out more about Sequences here.