Oriel Talks: Resilience - Booking now open!

  • Oriel Talks: Resilience
11 January, 2017

Booking is now open for the first Oriel Talks of 2017 on Thursday 19th January, which will be on the theme of "Resilience".

The beginning of a new year is always an appropriate time for self-reflection and planning for improvement. One topic we tend to all ponder is resilience: how we can develop ourselves to weather ever greater challenges. With 2016 and its debacles in hindsight, let's kick off the new year exploring how to become more resilient as humans and communities to new and old challenges, may they be to our own physical health or changes and threats in our societies. With Oriel's first set of talks for 2017, we explore our own physical resilience, address how we can revitalise shrinking rural communities in the face of urbanisation and conclude with a dive into the world of cyberspace and how we can use it to prevent possible attacks by radical extremist groups.

In 2016, we barely weathered the storms. In 2017, we create the framework that turns gales into breezes. Come along and participate in this process!

  • 5.30 pm — Welcome and Introduction
  • 5.35 pm — Heuishil Chang (MCR) – The resilience of shrinking rural communities: Can Slow City be a solution?
  • 5.55 pm — Betsy Jones (MCR): Run for your life! Your joints will thank you.
  • 6.15 pm — Keynote: Elizabeth Phillips (SCR): Detecting Social Structure in Dark Web Forums
  • 7.00 pm — Close
  • 7.15 pm — Dinner in Hall
  • 8.30 pm — 2nd Desserts in the MCR

If you would like to attend, please book either a dining or non-dining ticket at: https://orieltalkshilary.eventbrite.co.uk