Mr Jamie Wallis

DPhil Candidate in Synthetic Biology

Jamie Wallis graduated from the University of Essex in 2015 with a First class Honours degree in Mathematical sciences including a year abroad at the University of New Mexico, USA. He completed a final year project titled “Analysis of discrete-time biased and correlated random walks” under the supervision of Professor Edward Codling. During his undergraduate, Jamie undertook an 8-week studentship at University College London modelling T cell populations of African children undergoing antiretroviral therapy under the supervision of Professor Robin Callard.

In September 2015, Jamie then joined the University of Oxford on the Synthetic Biology Doctoral Training Programme where he underwent a number of intensive taught courses followed by two short 11-week lab rotation projects. The first of these was on modelling of the cartilage-bone interface as pressures are applied to see how they interact. The second short project was developing and testing synthetic breast cancer vaccines.

In October 2016, Jamie joined the BUBBL group as a DPhil candidate, under the supervision of Professor Robert Carlisle and Dr Daniel Shenton from Defence Science and Technology Laboratories (DSTL), continuing his research into the development of synthetic vaccines.