Tickets on Sale for Oriel Garden Play

  • Oriel Garden Play: The Taming of the Shrew
31 May, 2017

Booking is now open for this year's Oriel Garden Play, which returns in the 8th week of Trinity Term with a production of The Taming of the Shrew, directed and performed by Oriel students.

Running from Tuesday to Thursday of 8th week, and featuring a dedicated cast of Oriel students, The Taming of the Shrew is sure to be an experience!

Set in the tumult of Renaissance Italy, the play follows the young citizens of Padua as they connive and conspire in love, marriage and power. The story focusses on the pursuit of the beautiful Bianca by three ardent suitors, and the subjection of her fearsome sister Katherine. And all for the entertainment of Oriel's own college drunk...

Playing on themes of gender, class and trickery—with a few provocative twists—this year's garden play promises a captivating summer evening.

The play will run from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th June 2017, and performances will begin at 7.30pm in the College's First Quad.

Tickets are £7 for general admission, or £5 for concessions.

Book your ticket online here.

Proceeds to Benefit Local Charity

All profits from the production will go to supporting local charity work:

‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on…’ - Prospero, Act VI Scene I, The Tempest.

This summer Oxford Health is running a pilot project for a group of children & young people with autistic spectrum condition (ASC). During the week they will move through games linked to Shakespeare’s the Tempest before sharing a specially adapted performance with their families and carers. This group gives these children the chance to develop friendships with others; playing with facial expressions and body language in a way they might otherwise never do. It gives them the opportunity to feel what many children with ASC say they cannot: 'normal'. Thank you for your support to make our dream into reality.

Cast and Crew


Katherina: Ellie Juckes

Bianca: Lucy Gibbons

Petruchio: Sally Foster

Grumio: Dena Latif

Gremio: Teofil Camarasu

Hortensio: Ally King

Lucentio: Thorkild Vogt

Tranio: Caroline Ball

Baptista: Max Clements

Biondello: Orlaith Cross

Vincentio: Huw Davies

Widow: Lucy Mellor

Pedant: Alexander Walls

with Anna Chirniciúc as Curtis, and The Tailor and Haberdasher

and Luke Sheridan as himself


Costumes: Phoebe Homer

Costumes: Ellie Taylor

Costumes: Hannah Laurenson-Schafer

Production: Will Pickering

Production: Saoirse Purtill-Coxall

Production: Peggy Hughes

Marketing: Shay Vera-Cruz

Marketing: Georgia Robson

Artwork: Charlie Willis

Director: Emma Gilpin

Assistant Director: Angus Forbes

Co-Producers: Angus Forbes and Seb Santhiapillai