Professor Ian Horrocks Publishes New Book

  • Introduction to Description Logic
31 May, 2017

Fellow in Computer Science Professor Ian Horrocks has recently published his new book, An Introduction to Description Logic, with Cambridge University Press.

Along with his co-authors Franz Baader (Technische Universität, Dresden), Carsten Lutz (Universität Bremen) and Uli Sattler (University of Manchester), Professor Horrocks has compiled what is the first textbook on description logics (DLs). Published in April of this year, the book serves as an introduction to DLs, which have recently gained increased importance as they form the logical basis of widely used ontology languages, in particular the web ontology language OWL.

An Introduction to Description Logic is intended for use in undergraduate study and, "starting from a basic DL [...] introduces the reader to their syntax, semantics, reasoning problems and model theory and discusses the computational complexity of these reasoning problems and algorithms to solve them".

Professor Horrocks has been a Fellow at Oriel since 2007, and he leads a research group at the Department of Computer Science working in the area of knowledge representation and reasoning. His research interests include: knowledge representation; ontologies and ontology languages; modal and description logics; automated reasoning; implementation and optimisation of reasoning systems; and applications in areas such as e-Science and the Semantic Web.

Find out more about the book here.