Dr Kate Rees

College Lecturer in French
BA, MSt, DPhil

I was educated at a comprehensive school in the South Wales valleys before being accepted to read English and French at St Anne’s College, Oxford.

After graduation I spent some time living and working in France, and then came back to Oxford to do a Masters and a doctorate on nineteenth-century French literature. I was a Junior Research Fellow at St Anne’s, and then a lecturer and Career Development Fellow at the Queen’s College, where I taught for some years before taking up my post at Oriel.


I teach on the undergraduate courses listed below, as well as the MSt in Women's Studies.

Research interests

My research interests lie in literature from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, and in women’s writing. I am particularly interested in the interaction between the novel form and cultural history, and have worked on the relationship between the novel and journalism, and the novel and ideas of progress. I have published on writers including Flaubert, Zola, Maupassant and Jules Verne. As my original degree was in English and French, I also pursue interests in comparative literature and am currently working on a project examining connections and differences between French and British forms of feminism, as reflected in the literature of the turn of the twentieth century. 

Selected publications


Flaubert: Transportation, Progression, Progress. (Oxford: Peter Lang), 2010.

The Figure of the Journalist in the French Fin de Siècle Novel. Enfants de la presse (to be published 2018).

 Edited volume:

Literature and the Press in France, 1789-1914. Special volume of Dix-Neuf, autumn 2017.


‘Flaubert et l’Angleterre’, to be published in Dictionnaire Gustave Flaubert (éditions Champion), edited by Gisèle Séginger, Yvan Leclerc, Juliette Azoulai, Norioki Sugaya, forthcoming.

‘La réception de Flaubert au Royaume Uni’ to be published in Dictionnaire Gustave Flaubert, as above.

‘Plotting New Womanhood on either side of the Channel’. A Comparison of Tinayre’s La Rebelle and Dixon’s The Story of a Modern Woman. Comparative Literature Studies, vol. 54.3, 2017, pp. 581-609.

‘“Marcher droit sur un cheveu”. Tightrope Walking and Prose Poetry in Flaubert’. In Gravity and Grace. Essays in Honour of Professor Roger Pearson, ed. Charlie Louth and Patrick McGuinness, forthcoming

‘Sensory Reportage and the ‘Steeplechase’ between Novels and Newspaper in Verne’s Michel Strogoff’ in Literature and the Press in France, forthcoming in Dix-Neuf, 2017 (vol. 21.1) ed. Rees and Birch.

‘“Entre l’encrier et le pot à colle”. Le reportage et le roman d’amour: un conflit?’ In ‘La presse et les journalistes au XIXè siècle: identités et modernités, ed. Marie-Ève Thérenty and Guillaume Pinson, Médias 19, April 2017. http://www.medias19.org/index.php?id=22666

‘“Que prouve un insuccès?” Re-cycling failure in Flaubert and Beckett’ in Flaubert, Beckett, Ndiaye. The Aesthetics, Emotions and Politics of Failure, ed. Andrew Asibong and Aude Campmas (Amsterdam: Rodopi/Brill), pp. 36-48, February 2017.

‘Flaubert: état présent’, French Studies 70.2 (2016), pp. 239-247.