Dr Jed Kaplan

Dr Jed Kaplan
Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Land Use and Environmental Change

Jed O. Kaplan is a Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Land Use and Environmental Change.

He is an expert on the response of global vegetation to climate changes and the potential feedbacks between the Earth’s land surface and the climate system.

Research interests

Jed's research encompasses the traditional disciplines of earth sciences, geography, atmospheric chemistry, meteorology, soil science, hydrology, plant ecology and physiology, and computer science. The focus of his work is on the role of the Earth’s land surface in the climate system. By studying how people and climate affect terrestrial ecosystems, Jed aims to improve our understanding of biogeophysical and biogeochemical feedbacks between land and atmosphere in the Earth system, and how human activities may amplify or attenuate ongoing climate change.

Selected publications

Kaplan, J. O., K. Krumhardt, M.-J. Gaillard, S. Sugita, A.-K. Trondman, R. Fyfe, L. Marquer, F. Mazier, and A. Nielsen (2017), Constraining the Deforestation History of Europe: Evaluation of Historical Land Use Scenarios with Pollen-Based Land Cover Reconstructions, Land, 6(4), 91.

Phelps, L. N., and J. O. Kaplan (2017), Land use for animal production in global change studies: Defining and characterizing a framework, Glob Chang Biol, 23(11), 4457-4471.

Kay, A. U., and J. O. Kaplan (2015), Human subsistence and land use in sub-Saharan Africa, 1000 BC to AD 1500: A review, quantification, and classification, Anthropocene, 9, 14-32.

Kaplan, J. O., K. M. Krumhardt, E. C. Ellis, W. F. Ruddiman, C. Lemmen, and K. K. Goldewijk (2011), Holocene carbon emissions as a result of anthropogenic land cover change, Holocene, 21(5), 775-791.

Kaplan, J. O., K. M. Krumhardt, and N. Zimmermann (2009), The prehistoric and preindustrial deforestation of Europe, Quaternary Science Reviews, 28(27-28), 3016-3034.