Dr Aarti Jagannath

Dr Aarti Jagannath
College Lecturer in Medicine

Dr Jagannath completed her DPhil in 2009 at Brasenose College, Oxford. She was formerly a Junior Research Fellow in Medicine here at Oriel, and is now a College lecturer. 

In 2015, Aarti was awarded a prestigious L’Oréal-UNESCO UK & Ireland For Women In Science Fellowship in recognition of her research.

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Research interests

Dr Jagannath's research is currently focussed on understanding more about how the circadian clock (or ‘body clock’) is regulated. As we now live in increasingly 24/7 societies, sleep and circadian rhythm disruption has become part of everyday life. This disruption can lead to obesity, diabetes and even some mental health disorders. Dr Jagannath’s research will seek to gain understanding on how our body clocks work, and what we may be able to do to reduce the effects of this disruption.