Dr Ben Page

Dr Ben Page has short brown hair, a beard and black rimmed glasses
College Lecturer in Philosophy
BA, MPhil, PhD

I read Philosophy and Theology at Harris Manchester College and then for an MPhil in Philosophical Theology at St Catherine’s College. I then completed my PhD in Philosophy at Durham University.

Before taking up this position at Oriel, I taught philosophy at Durham and continue to work teaching philosophy at Pembroke College as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy.

Research interests

I am a philosopher with wide research interests, although the areas I work on most are metaphysics and philosophy of religion. In both of these domains I have explored and developed the Neo-Aristotelian metaphysical system and investigated how it can be applied to specific problems. I have also written on topics concerning meta-ethics, philosophy of mind, and medieval philosophy and in the future I will pursue some of these areas further. 

Selected publications

(forthcoming) 'Power-ing up Neo-Aristotelian Natural Goodness', Philosophical Studies.

(2021) ‘Inaugurated Hyperspace', Theologica 5, 1-21.

(2020) ‘Arguing to Theism from Consciousness’, Faith and Philosophy 37:336-362.

(2020) ‘If anyone is in Christ – new creation!’, Religious Studies 56:525-541.

(2020) ‘Meeting the Evil God challenge’ (co-authored with Max Baker-Hytch), Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 101:489-514.

(2019) ‘Wherein lies the debate? – Concerning whether God is a person’, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 85:297-317.

(2018) ‘Fine-Tuned of Necessity?’, Res Philosophica 95:65-94.

(2018) ‘Dis-Positioning Euthyphro’, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 84:31-55.

(2017) ‘Thomas Aquinas, “the Greatest Advocate of Dispositional Modality”, Fact or Fiction?’, Studia Neoaristotelica 14:167-188.

(2017) ‘The ‘Power’-ful Trinity’,  European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 9:87-112.

(2016) ‘Aquinas on Forms, Substances and Artifacts’  (co-authored with Anna Marmodoro), Vivarium 54:1-21.

(2015) ‘The Dispositionalist Deity: How God Creates Laws And Why Theists  Should Care’, Zygon: Journal of Science and Religion 50:113-137.