Dr Imma Oliveras

Dr Imma Oliveras
Junior Research Fellow in Ecosystems Science



Dr Oliveras is a Departmental Lecturer on Ecosystem Science at the School of Geography and the Environment where she teaches for the BSc on Geography, MSc Environmental Change and Management and MSc Biodiversity Conversation and Management.

Dr Oliveras has a  PhD on Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her thesis focused on fire ecology of Mediterranean ecosystems. She worked at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) as a Beatriu de Pinós Research Fellow (2007-2009), at the Ecosystems Lab as a postdoctoral researcher (2009-2013) and at Wageningen University (Netherlands) as a Marie Curie Research Fellow (2013-2015).

Research interests

Dr Oliveras’ research interests are to decipher how and why tropical vegetation structure and dynamics change across abiotic gradients and the consequences of these changes are at the community and ecosystem scale. As such, her work focuses on exploring how changes in the abiotic conditions driven by global change – and particularly increases in extreme drought events and modified fire regimes – affect plant functional traits and how this aggregates to diversity and ecosystem functioning.

Selected publications

For a full list of Dr Oliveras' publications, please click here.