Dr A K M Adam

Photo of AKMA Adam
College Lecturer in Theology


AKMA has settled in Oxford where he tutors St Stephen’s House’s ordinands, and Oriel’s undergraduates, in New Testament and Greek — after stints teaching in the US at Eckerd College, Princeton Theological Seminary, Seabury-Western Seminary, and Duke University.

He and his wife Margaret taught in Scotland at the University of Glasgow before coming south to Oxford. He read Philosophy as an undergraduate at Bowdoin College, then trained for ordained ministry at Yale Divinity School, and wrote his doctoral thesis on New Testament theology at Duke University.

Research interests

AKMA has written various books and articles about the Gospel of Matthew and the Epistle of James, but especially about hermeneutics — the theory of interpretation, and how we identify better and worse interpretations. He draws on fields as diverse as surrealism, comics theory, midrash, information design, psychology, and postmodern critical theory to explain how people arrive at their interpretive conclusions.

Selected publications

For recent publications, please see AKMA's Theology Faculty page.