Dr Krzysztof Brzeziński

Krzysztof Brzezinski
College Lecturer in Economics

I am College Lecturer in Economics at Oriel and Pembroke colleges. My PhD was awarded in 2017 by the University of Manchester.  

My doctoral research was funded by the Economic and Social Science Research Council and University of Manchester President's Doctoral Scholar Award. I received my BA in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Magister degree in Economics from Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. In 2010 and 2011, I was Junior Economist at the Institute for Structural Research in Warsaw, where I advised the Polish government on greenhouse gases abatement policies and evaluated the usage of the EU regional funds. I also advised an investor on the private health insurance market in Poland. 

Research interests

In broad terms, my research aims to understand how uncertainty influences strategic decisions. More specifically, I am interested in how the volatility of voters' perceptions of various public policy issues affects political parties when they create platforms for their electoral campaigns. How do different electoral systems influence candidates' decisions in that respect? Do some institutional environments encourage political rivals to compete on the same or different issues?

In another strand of my work, I show that cost-efficient firms are more likely to commit to producing output early - thereby taking the first-mover advantage - when the uncertainty about the exact size of demand is still present. In contrast to this finding, less cost-efficient firms are more likely to wait until the size of demand is known.