Dr Luis Alberto Baena Lopez

Hayward Junior Research Fellow in Medicine
Luis Alberto
Baena Lopez
Research interests

In general terms, I have always been interested in decoding the molecular networks that contribute to build complex multicellular organisms, as well as the process of disease initiation. In particular, my research group aims to understand the role of the evolutionarily conserved proteins referred to as Caspases. These proteins have been intensively studied over the past decades for being the major regulators of cell death through apoptosis, but a recent body of evidence indicates their role in non-lethal scenarios.

My research group has joined the efforts to uncover these newly non-apoptotic cellular scenarios and the regulatory mechanisms of caspase activation. Illuminating these biological questions could provide a better understanding about the role of these proteins during development, as well as pathological situations. Ultimately, it could also open new therapeutic interventions to fight several diseases, including cancer.