Mr Alexander Pateman

Alexander Pateman
DPhil Candidate in Materials / MCR President 17-18

Alexander graduated from the University of Southampton in 2016 with a first-class undergraduate master’s degree in Chemistry (MChem).

For his master’s research project, Alexander worked on manganese cobalt oxides as bifunctional catalysts for electrochemical reduction and evolution of oxygen in alkaline media. He was supervised by Professor Andrea Russell and was awarded the Alan Carrington Prize for an outstanding Physical Chemistry research project. In October 2016, Alexander joined Oriel College reading for a DPhil in Materials, supervised by Professor Peter Bruce.

Alexander is the incumbent MCR President at Oriel, having been one of the MCR Social Secretaries in 2016-17, and is a member of Oriel College Boat Club.

Research interests

Alexander’s research interests centre on the chemistries of the lithium air battery, in particular the application of redox mediators to improve performance.