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Mr Jack Harrison


I was an undergraduate at the University of Oxford where I studied Physics and graduated with a first class degree in July 2019. Since then, I have been pursuing a DPhil in condensed matter Physics. Alongside this, I have been a demonstrator in the undergraduate Physics labs and have also tutored GCSE and A-level physics and maths. I will be joining Oriel college for the 2022-23 academic year to tutor some physics courses alongside finishing my research and preparing my thesis.

Research Interests

I use synchrotron-based techniques to study topological magnetic textures in antiferromagnetic iron oxide, primarily how they are nucleated or affected by various external stimuli. I supplement this with analytical calculations and micromagnetic simulations to further understand their stability and scaling behaviour.


Antiferromagnetic half-skyrmions and bimerons at room temperature

Route towards stable homochiral topological textures in A-type antiferromagnets