Mr Johnathan Bulled

Close up of the wooden gates of Oriel College Oxford
College Lecturer in Chemistry

I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019 with an MChem. This included a research project at the Cavendish Laboratory, under the guidance of Dr. Joe Paddison, and the Instiut Laue-Langevin, under Dr. Andrew Wildes.

The project investigated the effect of geometric frustration in both alloys and magnets. I am continuing my studies at Oxford and am currently working towards a DPhil at the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.

Associated courses
Research interests

My DPhil research is at the boundary of condensed matter physics and solid-state chemistry. I am primarily focused on the effect of Orientational Disorder on the Lattice Dynamics (Vibrations) in a family of cadmium cyanides. I am split between the lab and theory, largely using neutron scattering as a probe of these Dynamics.