Mr Matthew James Collier

DPhil Candidate in Philosophy
Matthew James
MA (Aberd), BPhil (Oxon)

Matthew completed his MA in Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen, whereat he finished top of his class, and thereafter read his BPhil at Oriel.

When reading for his BPhil, Matthew worked under the aegis of Professor Brian Leftow, from whom he gained much philosophical and theological inspiration. Matthew is conducting his doctoral studies under the excellent supervision of Professor Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra, and is working on themes concerning the conjunction of modal realism and traditional theism.

Research interests

Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Theology (contemporary and medieval), Metaphysics, and Modal Metaphysics

Selected publications

Collier, M. J., 2018. God’s Necessity on Anselmian Theistic Genuine Modal Realism. Sophia. 1-18.

Collier, M. J., 2018. Against the Fundamental‐Reading of Anselm's Account of Omnipresence. Heythrop Journal. 1-11.

Collier, M. J., 2019. Anselm’s Account of Freedom and De casu diaboli. Heythrop Journal. 1-9.