Mr Mattia Sisti

Mattia Sisti
DPhil Candidate in Philosophy

I graduated in philosophy at Vita-Salute-San Raffaele University in Milan in 2014; during the last year of these studies, I spent several months in Germany between Munich and Berlin in order to learn German.

After completing an MA in ancient philosophy at Durham University in 2015, I moved to Beijing in order to do an internship with the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce for approximately 6 months.

I recently received an Award for Distinguished Achievement from University Vita-Salute San Raffaele (my alma mater).

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • ancient philosophy;
  • Plato’s philosophical and political thought;
  • ancient scepticism (in particular ancient Pyrrhonism);
  • Nietzsche.

The aim of my DPhil is to gain a more solid understanding of the sceptical movements of Antiquity (with particular reference to ancient Pyrrhonism) and to analyse their reception in Nietzsche’s thought.

Selected publications

Sisti, M. (2018). La demonologia di Cleante e Crisippo, Rivista di filosofia neo-scolastica, 3, pp. 511-527.

Sisti, M. (2015). La sindrome di Siracusa. Roma: Aracne.

Since 2017 my articles on social, political and economic issues regularly appear on the Italian online newspaper Business Insider Italy.