Mr Stefano Gogioso

Stefano Gogioso
College Lecturer in Computer Science

Stefano Gogioso is a College Lecturer in Computer Science.

Research interests

My main field of research lies between quantum information and quantum foundations. I am mostly interested in problems from theoretical physics and computer science, but my methods come from an area of pure mathematics known as category theory.

Here follow some of my active research branches:

  • structures involved in the symmetries and evolution of quantum systems
  • structures behind the quantum Fourier transform and other forms of quantum advantage
  • non-locality and its applications to the security of quantum cryptographic protocols
  • decoherence, thermodynamics and the quantum-classical interface
  • physical methods in complexity theory
  • categorical methods in computational linguistics

In the past, I have also done research in logic, computational geometry and graph theory.

Selected publications

Infinite−dimensional Categorical Quantum Mechanics, Stefano Gogioso and Fabrizio Genovese, in arXiv:1605.04305. May, 2016.

Device−independent quantum secret sharing using Mermin−type contextuality, Stefano Gogioso, in arXiv:1510.05044. 2015.

Categorical Semantics for Schrödinger's Equation, Stefano Gogioso, in arXiv:1501.06489. 2015.