Ms Lucy Auton

Graduate Teaching and Research Scholar in Mathematics

Lucy Auton is a DPhil student in Engineering Science at Oriel College, Oxford. 

She obtained a first class masters degree in applied mathematics (MMath) at Oriel college Oxford in 2014. 

Research interests

Lucy sits in Civil Engineering and her DPhil is on the mathematical modelling of fluid-driven deformation and failure of porous media, supervised by Christopher MacMinn. This field of study has relevance to a broad set of applications, ranging from modelling artery walls to hydraulic fracture. Additionally, this area leads to many interesting numerical and analytical mathematical methods. 

Selected publications

L. C. Auton, C. W. MacMinn (2017), From arteries to boreholes: steady-state response of a poroelastic cylinder to fluid injectionProceedings of the Royal Society A, Volume 473, Issue 2201.

L. C. Auton, C. W. MacMinn (2018), From arteries to boreholes: transient response of a poroelastic cylinder to fluid injection, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, Volume 474, Issue 2216.