Ms Marie Chabbert

Marie Chabbert
Stipendiary Lecturer in French
BA, BA, MPhil, MSc

Marie Chabbert is a Stipendiary Lecturer in French at Oriel College.

Following an undergraduate double-degree in Politics and Modern French Literature at SciencesPo Paris and La Sorbonne IV respectively, in 2015, Marie completed an MPhil in European Comparative Cultures at the University of Cambridge. She then read an MSc in Social Anthropology — with a major in Anthropology of Religion — at the London School of Economics. Marie is now in the final year of a DPhil in French at Wolfson College under the supervision of Professor Ian Maclachlan, funded by the Oxford University AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership.


Research interests

Marie’s research is situated at the intersection of contemporary French thought and the anthropology of religion, and focuses on the so-called ‘postsecular turn’, how it affects traditional categories of thought and our way of relating to the world and to each other.

Her DPhil thesis more precisely examines the way in which four of France’s most original contemporary philosophical voices, namely, Georges Bataille, Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, and Jean-Luc Nancy, respond to Nietzsche’s proclamation of the death of God. Her investigation is set apart from existing scholarship in that it does not wish to demonstrate that these thinkers’ respective engagement with the death of God is ultimately either atheistic or in compliance with a given religious discourse. On the contrary, it strives to take seriously these thinkers’ attempt at thinking in a way that is neither religious nor strictly atheistic. Her aim with such a reading is twofold. She hopes it will both shed light on the intellectual proximity between thinkers who are still rarely brought together, and lead to the recognition that their respective treatment of the death of God could be of use in understanding problems and issues relating to the so-called post(-)secular condition.

Selected publications

Marie's recent publications include:

‘Liberté, Egalité… Totalité ? Décrypter les dangers de #JeSuis avec Jean-Luc Nancy’, in #NousSommes: Collectivity and the Digital in French Thought and Culture, ed. by Susie Cronin, Sofia Hewson and Cillian O Fathaigh (Oxford: Peter Lang Modern Language Series), forthcoming

‘Towards a Sacrificial Aneconomy? Georges Bataille and the Aporia of Sacrifice’, in Law’s Sacrifice: Approaching the Problem of Sacrifice in Law, Literature, and Philosophy, ed. by Brian W. Nail and Jeffrey A. Ellsworth (New York: Routledge), pp.23-43, forthcoming

‘The Pure Experience of Impurity: Georges Bataille, a Stain in/on the History of French Thought’, in ‘Stains’//’les taches’: Communication and Contamination in French and Francophone Literature and Culture, ed. by Zoe Angelis and Blake Gutt (Oxford: Peter Lang Modern Language Series), 2019

‘Dieu’, in Le Dictionnaire Critique Georges Bataille, ed. by Nicola Apicella and Monika Marczuk, Cahiers Bataille, Vol. 4, pp.71-74, 2019

‘Georges Bataille et le pas au-delà du sacrifice’, in Leçon d’économie générale : l’expérience-limite chez Bataille-Blanchot-Klossowski, ed. by Alain Milon (Paris : Presses Universitaires de Nanterre), pp.191-204, 2019

‘On Becoming-Secular: Gilles Deleuze and the Death of God’, in The Sacred in the Secular, ed. by Daisy Gudmunsen and Claudia Dellacasa, MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities, 13, pp.50-59, 2018