First Oriel Talks of the Year Open for Bookings

  • Oriel Talks: Perception
18 October, 2017

The first Oriel Talks of the 2017-18 academic year, on the theme of 'Perception', will take place on Tuesday 24th October in the Harris Lecture Theatre, and the event is now open for bookings.

The first Oriel Talks of this academic year is now open for bookings:

On Tuesday 24th of October the MCR-led talks will start off this academic year with a theme that we are all concerned with in our academic endeavour: Perception.

Some try to identify and discuss different perceptions of a certain aspect of human existence, and may strive to question common perceptions of a specific event; others focus on the analytical practices and the role of perceptions in research practices. In one way or another, perceptions are part of our academic endeavour. We are, therefore, delighted to centre this edition of Oriel Talks around this issue.

The talks will begin with a discussion of pain perception, led by Laurenz Casser (MCR). We will then go back in time and history with Tobias Thornes (MCR) to discuss Oriel's Royal patron in 'The Strange Case of Edward II'. Staying in the past, keynote speaker Sarah Bennett (SCR) will address fundamental questions of academic inquires, as she asks how letters shall be understood and perceived in a literary-critical analysis.

Here is the full order of events:

5.30 pm — Welcome and Introduction

5.35 pm — Laurenz Casser (MCR): “Where does it hurt?”: Pain Perception and its Problems

5.55 pm — Tobias Thornes (MCR): “The Strange Case of Edward II”

6.15 pm — Keynote: Sarah Bennett (SCR): The “maladie” of editing letters: working on Denis Devlin's correspondence

7.00 pm — Close

7.15 pm — Dinner in Hall

8.30 pm — 2nd Desserts in the MCR

If you would like to attend, please book your space here.

Tickets for the talk are free, but those wishing to attend dinner in Hall will need to pay the usual fee.