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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Oriel

The Oriel Community

We want to ensure that Oriel is a welcoming place for everyone, and to foster an inclusive atmosphere across our whole community.

We aim to promote a culture in which:

  • All members of our community work together and treat one another with respect;
  • Everyone receives the support they need to thrive (equality of opportunity);
  • Diversity, in all of its forms, is valued, celebrated and nurtured;
  • Members of our community feel supported in challenging unacceptable behaviour such as prejudice, harassment or discrimination should they encounter it;
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion is embedded into everything we do.

We are currently developing a new College-wide strategy to help us make further progress in achieving our goals.

How we support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Oriel

Our Outreach Work

Our Outreach Officer works to support schools and students in our linked areas as part of the University’s regional access programme, which aims to demystify the admissions process and attract diverse students from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented at Oxford. Find out more about our Outreach work, including partnerships with Target Oxbridge and Generating Genius, on our Outreach pages.

Read more about Outreach at Oriel