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Supporting Students with Disabilities

Before you Apply

We encourage prospective applicants with disabilities or other additional needs to get in touch with the Academic Registrar, Joseph Cole, to discuss how Oriel can support you in your studies.

The University strongly recommends that prospective applicants arrange to visit the college and department of their choice to explore facilities and discuss specific needs. Students are advised to contact the University Disability Office staff about arranging a study-related needs assessment and for advice on grants such as the LA Disabled Students’ Allowances.

Oriel is committed to making arrangements, wherever possible, to help students with disabilities to participate fully in student life. It is important to note that some of the historic buildings on the main site may cause problems for students with serious mobility difficulties.

Contact the Academic Registrar


The College has a number of fully accessible en-suite student bedrooms on the main site, and we will always do our best to accommodate room requests based on particular needs for students with disabilities. If you’d like to discuss your situation, the best thing to do is get in touch with our Academic Registrar, Joseph Cole.

Contact the Academic Registrar


We are constantly making alterations to make Oriel more accessible to those with mobility difficulties, such as the construction of a new wider gate into our second quad to enable easier wheelchair access. However, many of Oriel’s buildings are hundreds of years old and so accessibility for those with severe mobility challenges can be more complicated. If you are concerned, please get in touch with us to discuss your individual needs.

For detailed information about access to the college, please visit the Access Guide. You can also see Oriel’s main site accessibility map here. The college’s Hall and Harris Lecture Theatre have Induction Hearing Loop systems in place.

Contact the Academic Registrar
View the University of Oxford Access Guide

Financial Support

In addition to the financial support that is available to all students, Oriel has a bursary for which priority is given to students with disabilities. This bursary, made possible by a donation from former Oriel student Dr Anthony Roe, is intended to be used to assist students with disabilities in making their time at Oriel run more smoothly. For example, it could be used to help fund additional equipment or study aids. For more information about the bursary and how to apply, students should contact the Academic Registrar.

Contact the Academic Registrar
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Further Information

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