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Getting married at Oriel


Current members and recent alumni are welcome to enquire about the solemnisation of Holy Matrimony in the College Chapel. Please e-mail the Chaplain for details.

Please be advised that only pre-allocated dates for weddings are available and cannot be confirmed more than a year in advance.

Holy Matrimony is a public service and would normally take place in your local parish church. Weddings in Chapel are at the discretion of the Chaplain and must have the approval of both your local parish priest and your families. A Special Licence must be obtained from from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Faculty Office. Alumni must have studied at Oriel within the last ten years. We are unable to offer wedding blessings, thanksgivings or wedding photography.

Weddings are conducted according to the rites of the Church of England. Useful information about planning a Christian wedding can be found here.

It is possible for public rooms in the College to be hired for drinks after the service or for a wedding reception. To learn more, please contact the Chaplain.

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