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Funding and grants for postgraduate students

Teaching and Research Scholarships

Every year the College appoints postgraduate students to Scholarships which have a substantial teaching element. The Scholarships are open to DPhil students from any Oxford College. In addition to payment for teaching, the postholder is entitled to the usual benefits of postgraduate scholarships. These scholarships are advertised on our Vacancies page.

See the latest College vacancies

Travel Grants

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students can apply to the College’s Travel Grants Fund for financial support to assist with travel related to their studies. Students often apply for funding to attend and present papers at academic conferences, to do research outside of Oxford, and to take part in training opportunities that will enhance their understanding of their fields.

The Travel Grants Committee meets termly to consider applications. If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Assistant, or drop by the Academic Office in Staircase 5.

Contact the Academic Assistant

Financial Assistance Funds

The College is able to assist students who run into unexpected financial difficulty via the Financial Assistance Fund. In particular, support is available to assist graduates to complete their degree after their core funding period has ended. Applications can be made termly, and current students can find out more by contacting the Treasurer’s Assistant.

Contact the Treasurer’s Assistant

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