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Discover our postgraduate community

Middle Common Room

Postgraduate students at Oriel become members of the college’s ‘Middle Common Room’ (MCR). The MCR is the name given to the postgraduate community as a whole, and to the rooms set aside for their use.

The MCR has two comfortable and spacious rooms on the College’s Island Site overlooking historic Oriel Square. One of the rooms has a large television, DVD player, stereo, a well stocked bar, provisions for snacks, tea and coffee, and cooking facilities. The other room contains space for study. The MCR subscribes to a variety of daily newspapers and weekly magazines selected by its members. During any afternoon or evening you can find students engaged in lively discussion in the MCR and it is open twenty-four hours a day.

MCR Representatives

The MCR is a self-governing body and provides a forum where graduates can debate and formulate positions on issues concerning the College and the University. Led by the MCR President, the MCR Committee of graduates elected each year supervises the operation and programmes of the MCR, but the administrative structure is informal and individual members are strongly encouraged to get involved, putting forward their own ideas and  helping to organise MCR activities.

Visit the MCR website for more information about the MCR Committee

Social Activities

The MCR organises a range of cultural events, which sometimes includes theatre trips, film viewings, religious or national celebrations as well as joint events with other colleges. The MCR has a joint guest night each term, to which fellows are invited. Oriel sponsors a variety of societies, clubs and teams in addition to those offered by the University. This is in addition to the general social and sporting life of the College.

The MCR Bar

The MCR has a small bar that is open several times a week and for special events during term time. Run by students for students, the Bar is a friendly sociable space to meet friends.

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