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Oriel Commemoration Ball 2023 | Avalon

The Commemoration Ball returns to Oriel after 5 years! We are excited to present ‘Avalon’, our theme for the ball this year.

‘Beyond the real world lies Avalon, the mythic island that became the final resting place of King Arthur. Follow in the great King’s footsteps to the idyllic, medieval heaven, and let it rejuvenate and enchant you. Become bewitched by the beauty of Avalon, dazzled by the drinks in Camelot, and enthralled by the enchanted forest. Oriel hosts this divine land one night – destiny awaits…’

Alumni who matriculated in 2018 or later will be able to buy a ticket at the discounted student price, as they would not have had the opportunity to go to a ball whilst a student.


Book a student or guest ticket
Book an Alumni Ticket (coming soon)

Tickets for alumni will be available at 12pm on Friday the 2nd of December.

View the 2023 Oriel Ball Instagram or Facebook for more details and to find out about ticket information