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Dr Paul Yowell

Paul Yowell has been Fellow and Tutor in Law at Oriel College since October 2012. Prior to that he was Lecturer in Law at New College, and a postdoctoral fellow with the Oxford Law Faculty for the AHRC project Parliaments and Human Rights.

He completed the BCL in European and Comparative Law and MPhil in Law at Balliol College, and the DPhil in Law at University College. His areas of teaching are Constitutional Law, EU Law, Jurisprudence and Human Rights.

He also holds the position of Tutor for Graduates, and have general oversight of all those reading for graduate degrees, from admissions to graduation. Graduate students are welcome to contact him at:

Research Interests

Dr Yowell researches broadly in public law and legal theory, with particular interests in the separation of powers, constitutional theory, comparative constitutional law, and human rights. Dr Yowell is involved in the Legal Philosophy in Oxford Research Programme and is currently working on the Parliaments, Rule of Law and Human Rights research project.

Selected Publications

P Yowell, ‘Empirical Research in Rights-Based Judicial Review of Legislation’ in PM Huber and K Ziegler (eds), Current Problems in the Protection of Human Rights –Perspectives from Germany and the UK (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2012).

P Yowell, ‘Legislación, precedente, y virtud de la claridad’ (2012) Revista Chilena de Derecho (forthcoming).

Murray Hunt, Hayley Hooper and P Yowell, Parliaments and Human Rights: Redressing the Democratic Deficit (AHRC Public Policy Series No.5 2012).

P Yowell, ‘The Justiciability of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Domestic Law of Member States’ in PM Huber and K Ziegler (eds), The EU and National Constitutional Law (Richard Boorberg Verlag, Munich 2012).

P Yowell, ‘Legislation, Common Law and the Virtue of Clarity’ in R Ekins (ed), Modern Challenges to the Rule of Law (LexisNexis, Wellington 2011).

P Yowell, ‘A Critical Examination of Dworkin’s Theory of Rights’ (2007), 52, American Journal of Jurisprudence 93.

P Yowell, ‘Review of Jeffrey Goldsworthy (ed) Interpreting Constitutions: A Comparative Study (OUP 2006)’ [2000] [2007] Public Law 396 [Review].