The Right to Gender Recognition of Transgender Persons: Law and Practice in India and the Nordic Countries

  • The Right to Gender Recognition of Transgender Persons
2 March, 2020
Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College
All Welcome

The right to gender recognition, fundamental to many transgender people, is recognised and constitutionally entrenched in some States and not in others.

If legally recognised, this right is rarely based entirely on self-identification. Oftentimes, States put up oppressive pre-conditions such as requirements to act gender-conformingly, to undergo hormone treatment, medical or psychological examinations, or surgery, including castration or sterilisation.

This comparative talk contrasts the legislation, case law, and practices of legal gender recognition within the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) and in India as frontiers for trans peoples’ global struggle.


Dr. Daniela Alaattinoglu (University of Turku)

Surabhi Shukla (Oriel College).

This event has been organised in association with the South Asia Law Discussion Group, Oriel College, Magdalen College and the Oxford Queer Studies Network. The talk will be followed by a drinks reception.