Apply Now: David N. Lyon Scholarship in Politics – The Politics of Sex and Gender Equality in Diverse Societies at Oriel College

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15 November, 2021

Following a generous benefaction from Orielensis David N. Lyon, Oriel College is offering a scholarship to support one postgraduate student to undertake research into the politics of sex and gender equality in diverse societies.

Modern liberal democracies like the United Kingdom face many challenges in achieving full equality and inclusion for all of their members. Coexistence under conditions of deep diversity has never been easy; equality is even harder. In particular, tensions can and do arise when the equal recognition of sexual orientations and/or gender identities confronts the corresponding claims of religious and cultural traditions and their members. How can these competing claims be accommodated? Can they be reconciled? Or must they be transformed?

This scholarship will support one student to undertake research at Oriel into the politics of sex and gender equality in diverse societies in the field of Politics, broadly construed. These questions reward investigation from a number of different approaches: historical and contemporary, theoretical and empirical.

For the duration of the scholarship, Oriel’s Fellow in Politics, Teresa M. Bejan, will serve as Academic Mentor. It is envisioned that this scholarship will encourage its holder to explore the connection between political theory, practice, and policy.

Oriel’s longstanding position in historical and theological study, as well as its commitment to progressive research, makes it the perfect environment for a postgraduate scholarship dedicated to this under-explored intersection between politics, sex and gender, religion, and cultural traditions. This is the first scholarship within the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford to focus specifically on sex and gender, and presents an exciting opportunity for the successful applicant to undertake novel research in this area.

The David N. Lyon Scholarship is open to candidates of any nationality for the MPhil, MSc or DPhil in Politics at the University of Oxford. Current University of Oxford MPhil and DPhil students are also welcome to apply, and would be expected to migrate to Oriel College if successful in their application. The successful candidate will receive the following benefits:

  • Financial award of £8,500 per year
  • Guaranteed College accommodation for at least the first year of their course
  • High Table dining rights at College Formal Hall once per week during term
  • A scholars’ gown paid for by the College

All new applicants will also be considered for University funding, in addition to the scholarship.

How to Apply

Applicants should make a direct application to the Department of Politics, following the University’s admissions procedures. Applicants should list Oriel College as their first-choice college and list the David N. Lyon Scholarship on their application form.

In addition, new applicants to the scholarship should send a CV, covering letter, and research proposal, outlining their intended area of study to: Joseph Cole, Academic Registrar, Oriel College, Oxford, OX1 4EW by 31st December 2021.

Existing MPhil and DPhil students are also welcome to apply for the scholarship. Please submit an application including a CV, covering letter, and research proposal to Joseph Cole, Academic Registrar, Oriel College, Oxford, OX1 4EW by 31st December 2021.

Prospective applicants are welcome to contact Dr Teresa Bejan, Fellow and Tutor in Politics ( for more information.

Deadline for applications to Oriel: 31st December 2021.