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  • Oriel Talks: Possibility
17 January, 2018

The first Oriel Talks of Hilary Term will take place at 5.30pm on Tuesday 23rd January in the Harris Lecture Theatre, and will be on the theme of 'Possibility'.

Amongst the questions addressed in academic research, some of them concern possibilities. These possibilities, however, are as diverse as academic research itself. Some concern theoretical matters: for example, perhaps it is a possibility worth taking seriously that some long-accepted theories are mistaken, or that such theories are compatible with other views they are commonly taken not to be. Some possibilities are decidedly more concrete: one might wonder if we should explore the possibility of changing seemingly important features of our societal and cultural practices, or exploring what the possible explanations of such practices are. And some others, no doubt, cross this divide. The next session of Oriel Talks will concern some of these interesting possibilities being explored right here at Oriel College.

The evening will begin with a talk from DPhil Law candidate Suzanne Chiodo (MCR) who will challenge us to imagine the possibility of a world without lawyers. She will ask what we should think of such a world, and, if we decide lawyers are necessary in ours, what we should think of our own. We will then move to examine a more theoretical question concerning possibility itself with BPhil Philosophy candidate Matthew Collier (MCR): the relationship between possibility and the existence of God. In particular, Matthew will ask whether the existence of concrete possible worlds other than our own is consistent with common views of God. Finally, our Keynote speaker will be Fellow and Lecturer in Financial Economics Dr Mungo Wilson (SCR), who will argue that high returns on stocks globally have mostly been earned on a few days a year when important US economic announcements were scheduled to be made, before exploring the possible explanations and implications of this finding. 

The full schedule is as follows:

5.30 pm — Welcome and Introduction

5.35 pm — Suzanne Chiodo (MCR): Can You Imagine a World Without Lawyers? 

5.55 pm — Matthew Collier (MCR): God and Possible Worlds

6.15 pm — Keynote: Dr Mungo Wilson (SCR): Scheduled Announcements

7.00 pm — Close

7.15 pm — Dinner in Hall

8.30 pm — 2nd Desserts in the MCR

How to Book

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***Please note: the deadline for dining tickets is Sunday 21st January - there is no deadline on requesting all other tickets.***