Dr Teresa Bejan on BBC Radio 4

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5 November, 2020

Fellow in Politics, Dr Teresa Bejan, featured on BBC Radio 4 today, talking about philosopher Mary Astell, sometimes referred to as "the first English feminist". The programme will be re-broadcast at 9.30pm on Thursday 5th November.

Dr Bejan joined host Melvyn Bragg along with Dr Hannah Dawson (King's College London) and Professor Mark Goldie (University of Cambridge) to discuss Mary Astell on the In Our Time programme.

Mary Astell (1666 - 1731) was an English protofeminist writer, philosopher, and rhetorician who strongly advocated for equal educational opportunities for women. Born in Newcastle in relatively poor circumstances in the aftermath of the upheaval of the English Civil War and the restoration of the monarchy, she moved to London as a young woman and became part of an extraordinary circle of intellectual and aristocratic women. In her pioneering publications, she argued that women’s education should be expanded, that men and women’s minds were the same and that no woman should be forced to marry against her will. Perhaps her most famous quotation is: “If all Men are born Free, why are all Women born Slaves?” Today, she is one of just a handful of female philosophers to be featured in the multi-volume Cambridge History of Political Thought.

You can listen to the programme in full at 9.30pm on Thursday 5th November on Radio 4, or on demand via BBC Sounds: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000nzpf