Emeritus Fellow Prof David Charles Publishes New Book on Aristotle

  • Image of the cover of the book 'The Undivided Self: Aristotle and the Mind-Body Problem' by David Charles
1 June, 2021

Emeritus Fellow in Philosophy, David Charles, who is currently Howard H. Newman Professor of Philosophy at Yale, has recently published a new book, The Undivided Self: Aristotle and the 'Mind-Body Problem’.

Aristotle initiated the  systematic investigation of perception, the emotions, memory, desire, and action, developing his own account of these phenomena and their interconnection. This new book, published by Oxford University Press, aims to gain a philosophical understanding of his views and to examine how far they withstand critical scrutiny. David  argues that the study of Aristotle offers a persuasive alternative to modern thinking about the mind by challenging the way in which the  mind-body problem is conceived today.

David has been working on this project for a long time. The ideas for this book initially emerged from two  long-running weekly discussion groups held in Oriel, one on Aristotle’s De Anima which met for more than twenty years in the MacGregor Room and a second on issues in contemporary philosophy of mind and metaphysics which met for a similar period in David’s teaching room. He would like to thank generations of able, lively and engaged Oriel undergraduates, dating back to 1978, with whom he discussed these and many other philosophical issues before his move to Yale in 2014.  

Read more about The Undivided Self: Aristotle and the 'Mind-Body Problem’ on the Oxford University Press website.