Former Fellow to be made Saint

  • John Henry Newman
22 February, 2019

John Henry Newman, Fellow of Oriel from 1822-1846, is likely to be formally canonised after Pope Francis approved his necessary second miracle last week.

Newman, who remains one of the most prominent theologians of both the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and who is amongst the most famous figures associated with Oriel College, will become Britain’s first saint since 1976.

In order to be made a saint, two authenticated miracles are required. In 2010, Newman was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in Birmingham after his first miracle of curing a man’s spinal disease was recognised. Pope Francis has now credited Newman with a second miracle involving the healing of a pregnant woman ‘suffering from unstoppable internal bleeding.’

A date for the ceremony has not yet been announced, but is expected to take place at the Vatican in the autumn. The College plans to celebrate this in due course. 

You can read more about Newman’s life and work here.