Gower Memorial Creative Arts Prize Winners Announced

  • Black and white image of buildings reflected in water
    Bluebirds of the north on the last day of summer
26 November, 2019

Announcing the winning and runner-up entries of the Gower Memorial Creative Arts Prize, set up by the parents of Philippa Gower in memoriam. 

The prize runs every three years for graduate and undergraduate students, and judging took place on 15th November this year.

The Gower Memorial Creative Arts Prize is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the College. Entires can be submitted in all manner of art forms, be it photography, painting, poetry, drama, artistic performance, prose or anything else that can be thought of. 

First place was awarded to Gustas Mockus for his photograph 'Bluebirds of the north on the last day of summer', which can be seen in the header image, and the runner-up was a poem by Joseph Harrison, 'Limoncello Love', which can be found below:

Limoncello Love

Limoncello love has awakened in the guts

Of sun-drunk youths still green in years

Tired of the taste of luke-cold beers

And longing for a love that cuts

The tongue, whose golden nectar gluts

The blood; sweet ambrosia which clears

The mind, but stings like the half-bitter tears

That form in eyes ecstatically shut

But limoncello’s Summer’s drink,

And as the season starts to fade

Warm-headed softness begins to think

With Autumn’s cool within the veins

And Summer’s fleeting passions sink

And full-thought brandy love remains