How Oxford is Contributing to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research

  • Oxford University Coronavirus Research
19 March, 2020

Researchers across the University of Oxford are at the forefront of global efforts to understand the coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect our communities. From vaccine development to mapping, the work involves more than 20 departments from medicine to humanities.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the latest COVID-19 research output from the University, you can do so via the Oxford University Coronavirus Research page.

Areas of research currently being explored include:

  • The development of rapid-testing technology for COVID-19
  • Exploration of the feasibility of a coronavirus mobile map for instant contact tracing
  • The potential economic cost and impact of COVID-19

Other resources available on the page include advice on how to cope with feelings of anxiety triggered by the outbreak, and an overview of what the research says about concerns of misinformation about COVID-19.